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Australian Sapphire A Natural Parti-coloured custom faceted, tapered baguette.

  • $44500

This is a beautiful Australian gemstone.
It is a natural parti colored Sapphire, (meaning half one colour then another - naturally formed).
A custom faceted tapered baguette cut. A lovely deep even colour gemstone, internally clear and clean.
This will make a fantastic ring or a lovely pendant. This is a superb and lovely gemstone that will make a piece of exclusive jewellery.
Gemstone: Natural Australian Sapphire.
Weight: 0.65 carats.
Gemmology: Corundum Al2O3.
Even Deep blue and gold colours.
Dimensions: length = 11.5mm narow width = 2mm, wide end = 3mm.
Reference= SA03-3
LayBy welcome and shipping is free.
For any questions on this or any other piece just email me.

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