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Queensland Boulder Opal with spectacular colour flashes, freeform cut to suit a pendant

  • $87000

This is a solid Queensland Boulder Opal from Australia. A freeform shape - this is a gem that would suit an individual, unique piece of jewellery such as a ring, brooch, pendant or enhancer. Set with diamonds and other precious gems such as ruby, emerald or sapphire to enhance the blue, green and red of the opal would be a perfect way to go.

This gemstone has lovely intense play of colour.

Origin - Queensland, Australia.

Treatments - Nil.

Colour - intense red, green and blue flashes. Photos of opal are very difficult to do justice to the gemstone, it looks better than the pics!

Dimensions - Approx 10 x 15 mm.

Ref - QB17

Shape - freeform

Authenticity - Gemmologist certified.

Layby - Welcome.

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